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It goes without saying that people are attracted to water sports because they're fun and are usually a logical activity on a hot summers day etc. But the real attraction lies in the fact that water isn't a natural environment for us humans.

This is who we are

David who is originally from Puerto Rico is the owner of Atlantic Flyboard, the distributor for Zapata products in the USA, Latin America & Caribbean. Having been among the pioneers of Hydroflight sports in the USA, he brings his passion for watersports to all with the creation of Atlantic Watersports

David Duprat Master of Custodial Arts

Kristen is a Flyboard Master Instructor and a multiple time FlyBoard World Champion, having been consistently on the podium since entering the world of Flyboard in 2014. She works with the state of Florida for the Child Welfare System doing amazing work with Children for the Department of Child Protection Services.

Kristen Smoyer Pro Flyboarder

Mel has been a Flyboard instructor since 2015 and handles all marketing with Atlantic Watersports. She owns Inkblotched Photography and inspires all of us through her art.

Mel Dolan Flyboard Instructor & Marketing Mgr.

Jaxon is the glue that binds us together. His attention to detail and patience with everyone is inspiring. His enthusiasm and energy inspires the rest of the team to move forward together.

Jaxon Smoyer Ladies Man

Luis who is originally from Puerto Rico is a Hydroflight Instructor. He has spent the last couple of years working in the Yachting world and is very passionate about water sports and is a tremendous asset to our team.

Luis Oliveras Flyboard Instructor

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