Atlantic Watersports has an extensive range of watersports activities available that can be reserved. Contact us today to plan your next day out on the water!
Cruise to a sandbar! We’ll drop anchor alongside other kayaking, yachting, and sun-loving enthusiasts. Spend the day in the sun or shade, swimming in the water. Ask us about adding water toys to your charter.
Powered supercharged engine enables the vessel to reach a top speed of up to 55mph on the surface and 25 mph below. When you breach the water’s surface during these high speed dives you can launch the entire 18 feet (6 meter) length of the craft out of the water.
What’s it like to fly? Imagine a modern-day flying carpet with attitude, twist the throttle, the skirts inflate and you rise up on the cushion of air, as if on a back-to-the-future type anti-gravity levitation vehicle. As the Hovercraft picks up speed, so the driver/passenger Adrenalin starts to flow.
Imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the water and fly 45 feet (14 meters) into the air! The Flyboard allows you to experience controlled flight, the feeling of accelerating freely on the water's level and the most exhilarating: simulating the dolphin's graceful swim! The main thrust comes from your feet, so it feels like Iron Man!

The Zapata Flyride™ is designed to make hydroflight accessible for beginners and offer new thrills for extreme riders. It achieves this by combining the familiar form and controls of a personal watercraft with Zapata’s latest advancements in computer aided flight control and gyro stabilization.
Since the days of James Bond, we've always been fascinated with the Jetpack!. There is the feeling of weightlessness and freedom to move 3D. As soon as sufficient lift is applied, you and the jetpack become weightless and levitate in the air, and even small amounts of force will move or turn you. You can travel in any direction, at any height, and at any speed that the system will carry you.
Fly and Surf Above the Water! Inspired by the movie Back to the Future™ and in tribute to the famous Silver Surfer™ the Hoverboard by ZR® is a hydro-propelled board, which allows the user to ride and surf in total freedom above the water. The Hoverboard by ZR® user can manage the board with ease and can reach up to 8 meters above the water, to an average speed of 40 km/h.
See our Florida paradise the way it was meant to be seen…from the water aboard a Jet Ski! Join Atlantic Watersports as we take you on a guided tour of Florida. Whether you want a single or tandem Jet Ski, or a guided tour package, we've got you!
A new sport is coming The Powered Jetboard born to enjoy cruising and high speed over water. You will enjoy discovering feelings with this new sport. Have fun with water rides and slalom. Lightweight and fast. Its powerful jet is really intuitive to use.
We’re proud to offer the world’s premiere performance hydrofoils for surf and wake and the ultimate electric hydrofoil experience for flying over any body of water - no wind, waves, or towing required. The eFoil lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, no waves required.
Jetskis are called "Jet Ski", because originally you had to stand up to ride them like a skis. Those who know how to ride Standup Jetskis cannot resist them. But its not for everyone. If you've never ridden them before, we'll teach you!
Kayaking is a great sport for any beginner to learn. Like cycling, it’s relatively simple to pick up. Within a few hours you’ll be paddling along happily. It's a healthy and fun activity to share with your whole family. Not only is it a fun physical activity where everyone can expend excess energy, but it's also a wonderful way to connect with the natural world.
The Sport of Standup Paddle boarding (SUP) is exploding worldwide! Men, women and children of all ages, from all backgrounds are drawn to the sport for its ease of access, simple equipment, excellent core exercise potential and endless learning curve. From paddling the flat water of lakes and rivers to surfing the beach breaks and point breaks of the world.
Tubing is the easiest of all tow sports, and as such is a sport truly accessible to the whole family. But that’s not to say it’s not dramatic! From gliding across the surface of the wake, smoothly enjoying the rush of the water flow by, to an adrenaline fueled white-knuckle rides that surpasses any theme park experience, the choice is yours.
An introductory lesson is designed to help those new to the sport. During your lesson, the main objective is to teach board skills while learning the basics of wakeboarding. You will be taught, by an experienced Elite Instructor, the proper way to stand up on the board, the correct stance to have while riding, the technique for handling the ski rope, and directional wake skills and maneuvers.
Wakesurfing is the act of surfing the behind a specialized boat without a tow line. Yes, that’s right, without a tow line. A WakeSurf boat is capable of producing an endless and surf-able wave that can be adjusted for 1st timers all the way up to advanced riders. The best part ... is the wave is eternal, you can surf as long as the boat is going!
Kitesurfing, a sport that every active person can learn nowadays. In general, nobody is too young or old to learn this action-packed sport, also called kiteboarding. Since the kites have become much safer in recent years, kitesurfing is accessible and easy to learn for everyone.
Book a Trip with one of South Florida’s premier dive boats offering daily scuba diving charters to many South FLorida dive sites. So Book a dive aboard and our dedicated crew will insure your diving adventure is unforgettable.
Book a Trip with one of South Florida’s premier snorkeling boats offering daily snorkeling charters to many South Florida snorkeling sites. So Book a trip aboard and our dedicated crew will insure your diving adventure is unforgettable.
Come out sport fishing in South Florida with one of the best and friendliest crews anywhere in Florida! South Florida has the closest big-game fishing anywhere in the United States. The Gulf Stream is right offshore, only a five minute run from Fort Lauderdale. Our sailfish are caught in sight of the beach.